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This Cute Malware will Melt our Heart

This Cute Malware will Melt our Heart

Malware these days is vicious. There is malware that will encrypt all of your data then hold it for ransom. There is malware that will publish all your most private data unless you pay an extortionate fee. There is even malware that specifically targets hospitals because they know they’ll be more likely to pay up quickly. Malware these days is tough.

In that context, it is easy to see why people are pining for the good old days when viruses and malware were more like childish pranks than existential threats. YouTuber danooct1 posted a video of an old email worm, a mere 4 days ago, and it has since been picked up by Motherboard and Mashable and has been watched almost 40,000 times.

You might ask yourself why but really you should just watch it. It is the most adorable virus you’ll ever see.

The first thing that happens, when you’re infected with Email-Worm.Win32.Lacon, is that you get a message from “Your Angry Computer” complaining about working all the time. You then have to reset your computer before being forced to watch a little Homestar Runner skit about why your computer is messed up.

The thing is about the worm is that it doesn’t do any damage to your files. In fact, it only ever effects your computer on the 10th of every month when your computer will complain about working too hard and you’ll be forced to watch the Homestar Runner skit.

I’m not normally one for nostalgia. I’m always disappointed when I experience something from “back in the day” but this is one dose of nostalgia that I’m all for. Take me back. Take me back to a time when my very existence wasn’t in constant danger every time I open an email. Those were the days.


You can get more Homestar Runner cartoons here.

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