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Angry Birds Space is coming!

Angry Birds Space is coming!

Angry Birds fans can rejoice again! On March 22, a new game that features everyone’s favorite feathered friends will be released, this time with an outer space theme. Rovio CEO Mikael Hed made the announcement during his keynote speech at CeBIT 2012. The game’s release was also announced from the International Space Station, making it the first announcement of its kind from space, according to Rovio.

Players will have to contend with everything from space’s weightlessness to nearby planets’ gravitational pull in this latest version of Angry Birds. Rovio has also announced that Angry Birds Space will add new costumes and abilities that make the Angry Birds seem more like superheroes!

In person, Mikael Hed can come off as an unusual person. He took the stage at CeBIT 2012 in jeans, a sweatshirt and sneakers, stopping to address the assembled press and other conference goers with a friendly, unhurried demeanor. He also took time to analyze the success of Angry Birds from his standpoint, saying his company managed to make the game into a true multimedia experience. Wagging a finger good-naturedly, he spoke directly to the industry representatives when he advised them to keep their mobile apps simple and avoid overwhelming users with too many unnecessary features.

In fact, Angry Birds is a huge success, in part due to its simplicity. The game focuses on the barebones basics of gameplay. Everything revolves around the play button, instead of focusing on complicated menus and features.

Mikael Hed acknowledged just how busy peoples’ lives have become in the past decade or so. Even so, people can pull out their mobile device and play a game virtually anywhere, which is why simple games like Angry Birds are so successful.

Ultimately, it wasn’t Mikael Hed’s speech, but his enthusiasm for his own game that stood out at CeBIT. On March 22, fans can share his enthusiasm when Angry Birds Space releases simultaneously worldwide!

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